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Erika Alanis-Garcia, LCSW-S

Teku Family wellness coach 
Therapist, Laughter yoga instructor, trauma therapy specialist
Erika Alanis-Garcia, she/her,  is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, board approved supervisor and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She graduated from The University of Texas-Pan American (now The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley) with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Sociology in 2009 and with a Master’s of Science in Social Work in 2011. In 2013, she obtained her License as a Clinical Social Worker. Erika has supported children's, adolescents and their families mental health and wellbeing since 2011. Erika believes in a holistic approach towards healing. She has been a Laughter Yoga Leader since 2010. She has received training to practice Internal Family Systems and Brainspotting, both approaches embracing the mind-body connection.

Samantha King, MSW, Med

Teku content developer
lgbtq+ mental health
Sam, (she/her,) is a clinically trained social worker and educator specializing in LGBTQ inclusion. For the past 8 years, Sam worked at a prominent Children’s Hospital to support transgender and gender diverse youth and their families. In this role, Sam would lead professional development workshops for local K-12th grade educators, counselors, and administrators on how to best support gender affirmation and inclusion for all students. Sam also worked alongside parents to help them better support their child’s gender development. As a cisgender woman, Sam recognizes the impacts gender has on all of us and aims to support cisgender folks on their process for unlearning gender assumptions to create a world where we can all be free from gendered expectations.

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Amber Ortega

Teku collaborator
choreographer, scholar
Amber Ortega, MFA, BFA, she/her,is a Queer Xicana-Tejana, choreographer, educator, writer, and collaborator. She researches and explores embodiment, technology, and the epistemology of dance. Her work resides and thrives on the margins of academia, dance/somatics, and performance. She is a member of MotionDAO, a group of international dancers who explore embodiment in technology; and a founding member of FARO (Facilitating Artistic Research and Ontologies), a network of scholar-artists-activists on the margins of academia, dance/somatics, and performance. She is currently engaged in exploring embodied writing practices for her project, The Body As Land. Ortega’s work has been presented at festivals and conferences.  Amber collaborates with Teku to create community spaces that teach us to value and strengthen our mind body world connection. 

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Dr. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy 

Founder & ceo 
Dr.Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy, she/her, is a nationally recognized, community-centered psychiatrist, scholar, educator and leader who knows the value of prevention and early support to promote child and family mental health. As a mother and clinician, her vision for Teku is grounded in opportunities she has observed to improve family mental health even before children are born.  Her vision for family and community mental health includes the collective creation of health promoting spaces and ways of living that benefit us all. Barbara has received numerous awards and national recognition for her embrace of trauma-informed, equity focused and community-grounded approaches to mental health. She received her medical training at Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She has training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Prolonged Exposure Therapy, among other therapeutic interventions, and she is additionally certified as a yoga instructor and has training on the impact of nutrition on health.  Barbara is the visionary, community co-creator, coach and community educator for Teku.
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Sheehan Fisher, PhD

Teku parenting content reviewer and contributor
Sheehan Fisher, PhD, he/him, is an Associate Professor and perinatal clinical psychologist. His research career focuses on the effects of perinatal and subsequent parental mental health on infant/child outcomes, with a specialization in the emerging field of paternal (father’s) mental health. Sheehan’s research dovetails with his perinatal clinical practice, including being the clinical director of the Fathers’ Mental Health Specialty Clinic. He is also chair of the International Marcé Society’s Fathers Special Interest Group. Ultimately, the goal of this research is to optimize the health and effectiveness of the parental team to positively influence the child’s health trajectory starting during pregnancy. 

Check out our Parenting/Caregiver course reviewed by Dr. Sheean Fisher and created by Dr. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy.

Melanie Sandoval

Teku collaborator
doula and community educator
Melanie, she/her, is a first generation Mexican-American, Full Spectrum Doula. She has 3 children of her own to which she has devoted her life to. Melanie’s passion for birth work grew after an empowered experience the second time she gave birth around versus the first time around, much like most women who give birth in the United States. She has a heart of gold and her intuition brought her onto this doula journey. She is now 4 years into her career and working on many projects to amplify Latin voices especially for Latin pregnant women/people. Melanie has a special place in her heart for immigrant people as her family are all immigrants, and is passionate about offering excellent services to this community. She has supported women from Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Africa, Costa Rica, India, and Portugal. She has created several avenues and resources for people who are in their reproductive years to have education and support, throughout such a life changing event. Melanie believes that “All people deserve support when bringing babies earthside.” Melanie collaborates with Teku to create childbirth and perinatal education and support services.
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Mayeli Gonzalez

Operations manager
Mayeli, she/her, is Teku’s Operations Manager who works on the behind the scenes of many of the projects and services that Teku offers. She has an Early Childhood Intervention Certification, giving her an understanding and appreciation of the importance of prevention and early intervention when it comes to our children’s wellbeing. She graduated with a BS in Human Development and Family Studies in 2021 and has since been working to help families navigate the difficult yet incredibly rewarding task of parenting.Her years of experience working with kids and families in a variety of settings and continues to learn along the way every single day. Mayeli is so excited to be a part of Teku because its mission and values are something she wholeheartedly aligns with and is passionate about.   Mayeli runs all “behind the scenes” operations for Teku and is your go-to for any questions that may come up.

AZA Allsop, MD, PhD

Teku collaborator
physician, scientist, musician
Aza Stephen Allsop, MD, PhD, he/they, is a first-generation American who grew up in Trinidad before living in a number of different states on the east coast. He studied Biology, Philosophy, and Jazz Studies at North Carolina Central University. He carried out his PhD training in Neuroscience at MIT as part of the Harvard Medical School-MIT MD PhD program and was an Emerson Scholar at Berklee College of Music. He studies how social information is computed, integrated, and biased in the brain and how music, mindfulness, and psychedelics change social behavior. His research is guided by the belief that deconstructing these mechanisms will provide a better understanding of how social groups function and offer insights into enhancing the evolution of society at large. AZA teaches mindfulness and yoga and is involved in efforts to increase exposure to tools that help reduce the impact of stress and promote empathic behavior. He is co-founder of Renaissance Entertainment LLC, a company that operates at the intersection of art, science, and community building to influence culture. He creates and performs music rooted in the energy of the African Diaspora.
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Hear from Our Community Members 

Corin Reyes
"Ever since I found out I was going to be a mom, I have made an effort to dig deep into parenting methods that helped to grow the entire character of my child. Hence, they are the best version of themselves. I've studied Dutch parenting techniques, gentle parenting, and conscious parenting. I never shy from an opportunity to learn more. Teku parenting classes added another level by having the parents explore their own triggers and what could be holding them back from showing up as their best selves. I enjoyed peeling back those layers, which has helped me be kinder to myself and my children"
Kim Adams
"I really enjoyed participating in the Teku parenting program. Navigating parenting has been a difficult journey for me as a mom. Being reminded of mindfulness activities such as guided meditations and grounding exercises helped me access ways to manage stress. I enjoyed meeting with the Teku team during the skill-building check-in as they addressed the areas I was experiencing difficulty in while supporting my family. Learning more about DBT and the principle of wise mind was especially helpful and I found I was showing up in my parenting with a calmer attitude. I truly enjoyed this program and was sad to see it come to an end. Thank you, Teku for guiding me on my parenting journey! I'm incredibly thankful"
Sueños Sin Fronteras
SA-based collective working at the intersections of Reproductive Justice and Immigrant Justice
Collaborating and co-creating with the Teku team, in particular, Dr. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy, has been an inspiring and momentous experience for Sueños Sin Fronteras as a collective focused on health and healing for immigrant communities in San Antonio, Texas. Teku provides the community with virtual and physical spaces to learn and connect in Spanish, which directly increases access and empowers us to use our own words and experiences to address stigma around mental health in our communities. We are deeply grateful to work alongside professionals like Teku and Dr. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy, who are experienced in providing mental health support centered around a family’s whole well-being while connecting to our cultural roots and ways of knowing. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Teku. 
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