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Legacy Foundation Parenting Support Group with Teku

The Legacy Foundation of Hartford


This course will provide additional learning materials and skills that can help bring joy and peace into your homes.

What's included?

  • Positive Parenting 
  • STOP Skill
  • Essential goodness and worth reflection 
  • GIVE Skill
  • THINK Skill
  • FAST Skill  
  • TIPP Skill
  • Pros and Cons Skill 
  • Fostering Hope and Gratitude 

Foster joy and peace at home

You will learn foundational skills to foster kind and empowered communication, problem solving and more meaningful relationships.

Build your village

Parenting is not meant to be done in isolation! Join our village of like-minded parents and caregivers to foster your own wellness and support system

We know how busy life gets! 

This is why Teku has created online, easy to access resources so you can stay up to date on your own time!

If you ever need to ask a question, practice a skill or access additional support and resources, join us at a virtual community spaces held every Tuesday at 12pm EST via zoom.  Link is included inside this course and distributed on our newsletter, so sign up today!
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