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Community Offering: Embodiment

Amber Ortega

Choreographer and educator

Dr. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy

CEO of Teku
These events will bring the participant into a safe space where they can explore how the body perceives information and understanding. Participants will be guided in discovering embodied relationships with space, objects, others and their own ideas about themselves.

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NOt familiar with embodiment?

Learn more about what embodiment is all about

Check out our latest blog post that covers what embodiment is, the benefits and the objectives of this workshop. 

This is an in-person community event

Benefits of Practicing Embodiment 

  • Allows us to be more comfortable in our own bodies
  • Helps us connect our mind and body experiences
  • Promotes communication
  • Cultivates empathy
  • Helps us foster meaningful relationships with our selves and those around us

Objectives of this practice

1. Create community and share space
2. Improve awareness of our embodied-ness
3. Learn to communicate with our bodies, expanding our relation with ourselves, our community and our world

How can this workshop help you?

By the end of this workshop, participants will feel more connected to their own bodies, will develop increased confidence in their own capacities and will find ways to incorporate these practices in their daily lives to promote mental health.
Meet the instructor

Amber Ortega

Amber Ortega (MFA, BFA) is a Queer Xicana-Tejana, choreographer, educator, writer, and collaborator. She researches and explores embodiment, technology, and the epistemology of dance. Her work resides and thrives on the margins of academia, dance/somatics, and performance. She is a member of MotionDAO, a group of international dancers who explore embodiment in technology; and a founding member of FARO (Facilitating Artistic Research and Ontologies), a network of scholar-artists-activists on the margins of academia, dance/somatics, and performance. She is currently engaged in exploring embodied writing practices for her project, The Body As Land. Ortega’s work has been presented at festivals and conferences. 
Patrick Jones - Course author

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