Mental health and wellness for families and communities

Join the movement to destigmatize mental health and strengthen our families and communities.
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We are redefining mental health support for children and families so our communities can continue to bloom. Our collective approach promotes prevention efforts that foster health and healing for all.

Our mission

We aim to create a community that values our unique strengths and needs, provides kind yet empowering education, and promotes mental health and well-being.

Prevention First

1 in 5 kids and adults will struggle with a mental health condition that impacts their lives. Don't wait until a struggle occurs to start protecting your health.

Whole-Person Support

Our children and families are beautifully complex and deserve mental health support that promotes whole-person health and well-being.

An Urgent Need

There is a national shortage of clinical mental health services, and those that exist often don't meet the needs of historically marginalized communities.
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Reconnecting with our roots, promoting health and building community,
one family at a time

Our vision

We envision a world that promotes mental health by centering love, compassion and collective growth. By supporting caregivers now, we are impacting many generations and creating a safer and brighter futures.

Teku is making therapeutic tools accessible to all.

Collective growth and healing

We offer pre-recorded and live virtual education for busy Caregivers who recognize their important role in their Children's Mental Health.

We also offer community-led virtual spaces that help caregivers navigate complex questions and systems to ensure our families are getting the support they need.
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Teku Collective

You will receive access to our Teku Wellness foundation skills (pre-recorded), blog, newsletter and free community spaces
  • Learn and practice simple exercises at your pace 
  • Join free community-led spaces
  • Start your inclusive and empowered, community-powered wellness journey today! 

Teku Family Foundations

This one-time purchase gives you 6 month access to online content, live virtual wellness sessions and expertise from the Teku Collective
  • One-time payment (payment plan available)
  • Learn and practice at your own pace
  • Access weekly virtual spaces to connect and practice with an empowering community
  • Build community, learn from shared wisdom and grow with others

Family Wellness Coaching 

$150 per hour
Create an individualized plan with Dr. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy or a Teku Coach
  • Non-clinical (does not require a diagnosis), timely and accessible
  • Family oriented, supporting both caregivers and children
  • Short-term, relationship based and skill promoting
  • After completing your three initial coaching sessions, you will also get access to the Teku Family Foundations community!

join the movement

We are a social enterprise centering
equity and justice. 

By supporting our business, you help us keep our services affordable and accessible to organizations serving diverse communities. 

If you are a non-profit, educational or youth and family serving organization seeking to make our services accessible to your community, connect with us today!

Our members have
a few nice things to say about us

COrin REyes
Mom of two fantastic daughters, RN, Director of Health Equity at YWCA SA
"Ever since I found out I was going to be a mom, I have made an effort to dig deep into parenting methods that helped to grow the entire character of my child. Hence, they are the best version of themselves. I've studied Dutch parenting techniques, gentle parenting, and conscious parenting. I never shy from an opportunity to learn more. Teku parenting classes added another level by having the parents explore their own triggers and what could be holding them back from showing up as their best selves. I enjoyed peeling back those layers, which has helped me be kinder to myself and my children."
kim adams
Parent of three amazing children
"I really enjoyed participating in the Teku parenting program. Navigating parenting has been a difficult journey for me as a mom. Being reminded of mindfulness activities such as guided meditations and grounding exercises helped me access ways to manage stress. I enjoyed meeting with the Teku team during the skill-building check-in as they addressed the areas I was experiencing difficulty in while supporting my family. Learning more about DBT and the principle of wise mind was especially helpful and I found I was showing up in my parenting with a calmer attitude. I truly enjoyed this program and was sad to see it come to an end. Thank you, Teku for guiding me on my parenting journey! I'm incredibly thankful
Sueños Sin Fronteras
SA-based collective working at the intersections of Reproductive Justice and Immigrant Justice
Collaborating and co-creating with the Teku team, in particular, Dr. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy, has been an inspiring and momentous experience for Sueños Sin Fronteras as a collective focused on health and healing for immigrant communities in San Antonio, Texas. Teku provides the community with virtual and physical spaces to learn and connect in Spanish, which directly increases access and empowers us to use our own words and experiences to address stigma around mental health in our communities. We are deeply grateful to work alongside professionals like Teku and Dr. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy, who are experienced in providing mental health support centered around a family’s whole well-being while connecting to our cultural roots and ways of knowing. We look forward to our continued collaboration with Teku. 

We care

Teku is here to support you with a unique and compassionate approach. Our founder, Dr. Barbara Robles-Ramamurthy, is a nationally recognized psychiatrist who values prevention and early support for child and family mental health. Our community-centered approach, inspired by her vision, aims to promote well-being through education and collective growth. Whether you seek guidance, education, or a supportive community, we are here for you.

Request a consultation with us today and take the first step towards a brighter and healthier future for your family

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