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Therapeutic Floor Work

Amber Ortega

Choreographer, scholar
This practice allows us to move our body gently using the ground as a partner to develop mobility and strength. All skill levels are welcome and celebrated.
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Meet the instructor

Amber Ortega

Amber Ortega, MFA, BFA, she/her,is a Queer Xicana-Tejana, choreographer, educator, writer, and collaborator. She researches and explores embodiment, technology, and the epistemology of dance. Her work resides and thrives on the margins of academia, dance/somatics, and performance. She is a member of MotionDAO, a group of international dancers who explore embodiment in technology; and a founding member of FARO (Facilitating Artistic Research and Ontologies), a network of scholar-artists-activists on the margins of academia, dance/somatics, and performance. She is currently engaged in exploring embodied writing practices for her project, The Body As Land. Ortega’s work has been presented at festivals and conferences. Amber collaborates with Teku to create community spaces that teach us to value and strengthen our mind body world connection. 
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